Several blogs for girls who want to get into boxing

Women who would like to take up boxing usually have a hard time understanding whether or not they should start or leave it for some other time. If you’re one of these people who is still having second thoughts, I’ve thought that a short list of the blogs that I found most useful for a female buddy of mine would be of assistance. can help you learn a bunch of things about eating and living healthy and about the many sports that you can do at home. This blog revolves around martial arts and boxing, and that’s how I stumbled across it. What I like the most about it is that it doesn’t just focus on competitions and boxing techniques, but it also goes into detail with regard to the many martial arts sports used by women all around the world. One of the articles that I liked the most was about three Iranian women and how they started practicing Muay Thai. the author is a writer, motivational speaker, and of course, boxer.



My ish wish dish is different from other blogs I’ve seen over time because it has a plethora of useful topics that everyone can utilize to get back in shape and begin to love exercising, once again. While some of the articles that I’ve noticed are published on this platform deal with style and eating healthy, others go in depth with regard to boxing and sports, in general. One thing that I would like to mention is that you will require some patience to get to those posts dealing with martial arts as I’ve seen that the whole approach of this site is somewhat more stylish compared to others.


The Glowing Edge is one of the most comprehensive resources that I was able to track down by the power invested in me by the mighty Google. You can find out about pretty much anything if you go online and read the posts on this site, because I’ve noticed that the authors put a lot of time and effort in creating their articles so that they speak both to beginning and expert female boxers. For example, one of the resources that I found particularly useful was the post dealing with the ways you can wrap your hands for a boxing competition, so as to avoid the likelihood of injuries.

While these three blogs have helped me help you, I would appreciate it if you took some of your time to write about other resources in the comments. I know that girls and women have a hard time finding the right type of martial arts or exercise they take pleasure in practicing, so I’m all for the cause.


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