Basic equipment for kids who want to take up boxing

In the shelter, we hear horror stories about our wards getting bullied by bigger kids on the street. The worst stories come from children who’ve been victims of child moelstation or pedophilic activity. This has inspired the administrator at the shelter to introduce boxing to the young kids there. Although the ineffectual small wrists of kids won’t really wreak significant damage to an attacker, teaching them boxing can give them confidence and a bit of courage to stand up for themselves while providing a means to expend youthful energy. We also use the sessions to enable our wards to let off steam, especially the angry ones.

Investing in good boxing gear for kids is essential in achieving success in this undertaking. Because of the number of kids we have to watch over, the organization has had to invest in high-quality equipment guaranteed to last for years.

Boxing Gloves

The most essential gear for boxing class is a pair of boxing gloves. We decided against bag gloves that can only be used for heavy bag punching. We didn’t feel our children at the charity really needed to work a heavy punching bag that much, since they really need supervision. For the older ones, we did concede on getting some but it was boxing gloves we mostly focused money on. Training gloves work well for mitt work, bag work and live sparring. Since kids had best start at age six for boxing training, we chose youth training gloves for ages 6 through 12 years old, or designed for users 147 pounds and lighter. The 8-ounce gloves work just fine. Quality youth gloves are available from Title and Everlast.


Protective Gear

For live sparring between children, sparring head gear is essential. You can get decent head gear for kids from popular boxing gear brands. Mouth guards are essential for drills as well as sparring. Kids can punch without enough accuracy, so you had better get one for yourself as well. To ensure the safety of the children’s wrists, we also invested in some boxing hand wraps for their use. Hand wraps help prevent spraining or fractures to the hands and wrists. Some hand warps can simply be slipped on so the kids are good to go in just seconds.

Boxing body protectors ensure that the young child’s body is protected as well, since it’s not just the face that gets accidentally hit. Excellent for working on body shots, body protectors are worn by the adults in the staff so the kids can practice body striking as well.


Training gear

Punch mitts help build punching speed and accuracy. They are great for some fantastic drills that can be found on YouTube. Make sure the punch mitts carry good quality for lasting use. We invested in a small heavy bag for youth trainees. It’s a great way to help our little boxing enthusiasts get better at boxing. We made sure the bag was heavy enough not to swing too much and to prevent injury.



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