3 health benefits of boxing

Boxing for fitness has become quite popular during recent years, and that’s mostly because you don’t have to go to extreme lengths to purchase the necessary equipment and practice at home. From what I’ve gathered by talking to my buddies, all they had to do was do some research and buy a heavy bag, a set of gloves, and later on, some protective equipment for when they went to the studio.

I’d like to tell you that there are many health benefits to boxing on a regular basis and I’ve noticed them on my own. The first one is, of course, that this type of exercise can help you burn fat and increase your muscle tone. Depending on the number of minutes that you will be practicing for, you have a high chance of burning as many as 500 calories per every boxing session. That’s a lot considering that most men consume over 2000 calories on a daily basis whereas women consume about 1500 to 1800 depending on their requirements. In short, it can help you lose weight but in a healthy manner.

As for increasing your muscle tone, I think that this advantage is somewhat self-explanatory. Weightlifting and bodybuilding focus on increasing your muscle mass by performing slow and very controlled movements, but what I’ve noticed with boxing is that you’ll also have to rely on your concentration, imagination, and spontaneity in order to combat your opponent adequately. Punching relies on a fast and repetitive action whereas the two formerly mentioned activities rely on slow movements.


Stress relief is another perk of boxing on a regular basis. As I’ve told you before in one of the other articles I wrote on the blog, you don’t have to release your frustration on your heavy bag. Instead, you can think of this activity as the means that will help you to get rid of your daily stress and help you get back in shape, too. When punching your heavy bag at home, it’s a good idea to create a calm environment where you can remain relaxed all throughout your session.

The final reason that you might want to take up boxing deals with improving coordination, body awareness, and stability. We all get too little exercise, in my opinion, and that’s mostly because we rely on our cars to get to work, pick up the kids from school, buy groceries, and virtually any other errands that we have to do. Boxing can help you focus on your patience and discipline so that you’re able to coordinate your movements, develop a sense of breath control, and improve your core stability.

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