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The 6 Rules for Success in Life, by Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger is a legend of a human being. Seriously. Growing up in the late 80’s and 90’s, most of my memories of him stem from childhood. Catchphrases such as “I’ll be back” and “Who is you ...
3 Things Martin Luther King Jr. Taught Us About Business
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream for a better United States is infamous. He was  a leader, humanitarian, and non-violent activist who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 for his non-violent a ...
Do You Know How To Professionally Eavesdrop?
Originally written by Yvonne Adele, posted on her blog and reposted with permission In real life the art of conversation is as much about listening as it is talking.  So too on the social web. Listen ...
80 Ideas to Boost Your Sales in 2015 (Part 2)
Originally posted by Milk It Academy, reposted with permission Let’s continue our series with some direct marketing ideas. Before we begin with the tips, let me first explain why you should get creati ...
Facebook is Changing How you Reach Your Fans
  Originally posted by Milk It Academy A few weeks ago, Facebook announced through a blog post a major change in how they will show posts from business pages in the news feed. Their blog title says i ...
80 Ideas to Boost Your Sales in 2015 (Part 1)
Need to kick-start your business plan in 2015? Alita Harvey-Rodriguez (Founder of Milk It Academy) will give you 80 ideas in a four part series over the next couple weeks. Want to learn from her in pe ...
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Excellent value for money
Once again, a well-run, content-packed event that represents excellent value for money. If you're serious about selling online I think PeSA is a must :)
Looking forward to next year
Really great event - worthwhile spend of my time and learned heaps. Looking forward to next year - cause e-commerce will all be different by then!!